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New Year Resolution! (2012)

Happy New Year!

Let’s see if I can do this: this year’s resolution is to at least get some life into this blog. I’ll love to post more howto or interesting tutorials on how to do stuff, or just in general explore some topic.

Let’s see if this blog can become active again.

Happy New Year!

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Back after 1 year MIA!

September 24, 2010 1 comment

I recalled that last year I’ve posted in a blog for a brief time.

After wrestling the recovery password system on wordpress, I finally have access to this blog again.

It seems that even after a year of inactivity, my monitor CPU in terminal still has some life. It warms me to see that during my brief period I had contributed in something that people, at least, wanted to see.  (For all I know, it could be that they looked and thought it was a horrible way to implement it and left)

In any case, let’s see if I can get this blog active again. I’ll try to get some interesting problems to solve, or neat little code snippets I’ve found.

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